Who we are

After several years working independently and establishing a track record of success consulting with businesses on topics like web site design, blogging, and social media, NeoCloud founders Jason Schultz and Udo Misch realized the potential synergy and energy of coopetition over competition. NeoCloud Marketing was born in early 2011.

The core focus of NeoCloud is to help businesses and organizations connect online by effectively and efficiently navigating the digital landscape. In 2018, the way in which people communicate continues to fundamentally evolve. Consumers have more information and technology at their disposal than ever before. Our job is to leverage that technology for the benefit of our clients.

We offer a consultative approach where we listen, educate, collaborate and execute. Many new media and Internet marketing firms focus exclusively on the technical elements involved in new media projects. At NeoCloud, we combine our technical expertise with years of sales, marketing and customer service experience working in privately held businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies. Our hands-on business experience allows us to more effectively understand and deliver an exceptional experience based on the unique needs of each of our clients.

Finally, we're often asked, "why the name NeoCloud?" Neo is synonymous with new, and cloud is a reference to the internet and its vast potential. Simply put, NeoCloud means new internet marketing.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Our Team

NeoCloud is an exceptional team of talented Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Writers, SEM Analysts, E-mail Marketing Specialists and Social Media Managers.

Ryan Skelton
Web Development
Mat Berg
SEM Analyst
Nikki Lenich
Graphic Design
Terry Georgia
Content Creation

Our Fans

NeoCloud has defined Shorehaven goals and accelerated our digital marketing presence. In six months, we have realized greater web presence and personality, more engagement and a greater connection with human kind. As NeoCloud says, "people still care," online or in person, and they have proven that people do care, in life, in business, and in relationships, trying to achieve the greater good. Which includes kindness, too. Thanks for the common sense. Thanks for the 24/7 service. Thanks to NeoCloud for showing Shorehaven the way. Sarah Williams-Berg, Director of Community Relations

Organizations & charities we support

Organizations We Support

  • American Marketing Associationwww.amamilwaukee.org
    The American Marketing Association Milwaukee Chapter is committed to providing opportunities for continued learning and education on a wide variety of marketing topics, including social media, marketing technology, marketing research, direct marketing and marketing trends. An affiliate of the American Marketing Association International, AMA Milwaukee was founded in 1946 and is the longest standing association of marketing professionals in Wisconsin.
  • Hartland Chamber of Commercewww.hartland-wi.org
    The Hartland Chamber of Commerce has been serving the community for over 55 years. The purpose of the Hartland Chamber of Commerce is to serve our members by providing programs and services which enhance the business climate and community.
  • The Muskego Chamber of Commercewww.muskego.org
    The Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce is the lead business organization that promotes the Muskego area and the local business community. It is comprised of businesses and individuals who band together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of the community.
  • Waukesha County Business Alliancewww.waukesha.org
    Waukesha County Business Alliance, a private, member-driven organization, has been the voice of business since its founding in 1918 as the Waukesha Association of Commerce.
  • West Allis/West Milwaukee Chamber of Commercewww.wawmchamber.com
    The West Allis/West Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce actively promotes economic development and business retention in both communities, enhances the images of West Allis and West Milwaukee and their business communities, sponsors programs and services which are responsive to member needs, serves as both an information center for business and residents, and as a collective voice on economic issues affecting both West Allis and West Milwaukee.

Charities We Support

  • Child Abuse Prevention Fund (Local CAP Fund)www.chw.org
    The Child Abuse Prevention Fund provides financial support for primary prevention activities in Wisconsin to help ensure a safe environment for children, and educate professionals and the public about the role of prevention in eliminating child abuse.
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitalwww.stjude.org
    The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to find cures for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases through research and treatment.
  • Wounded Warrior Projectwww.woundedwarriorproject.org/
    The Wounded Warrior Project raises awareness and seeks aid from the public for the needs of injured service members. Through this aid, the WWP is able to help injured service members through a variety of direct programs.


  • NeoCloud is featured on the cover page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Business section. The article provides perspective on NeoCloud's approach to working with clients and new media marketing. view article »
  • NeoCloud Marketing Selected as the first Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert in Wisconsin. view article »

What we do

Design & Development

Creative Design – What good is a technically well developed web site or social media platform if the user experience isn't visually appealing? Our team of graphic designers creates custom imagery that reflects the corporate culture and uniqueness of each of our clients.

Website Development – Web development companies vary drastically in quality and value. Our goal is to give the highest amount of value while creating a web site that is an extension of your business.

Mobile App Development – We create custom interactive experiences on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android), the Web, and Social Media delivering industry leading tools to drive, build, and enhance customer and employee experiences at small and large businesses alike.

Video Marketing – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and an increasing number of consumers are searching online for video content related to services, products, reviews, instructions and other information. Transitioning your company collateral from print to digital media provides a host of benefits including; a stronger message, more diverse use of the collateral and enhanced message clarity. Short, creative, targeted marketing videos provide businesses with modern, effective sales and customer relationship tools.

Transitioning your company collateral from print to digital media provides a host of benefits including; a stronger message, more diverse use of the collateral and enhanced message clarity. Short, creative, targeted marketing videos provide businesses with modern, effective sales and customer relationship tools.

Our video projects include:

  • Script writing
  • Animated on-screen text, graphics, photos and audio
  • Professional voice specialist for vocal recordings
  • Video production and editing

Connect with NeoCloud Marketing

Search & Discovery

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEM companies differ in regard to their overall methodology for accomplishing results. In general, business decision makers prefer concrete answers to their questions, and would like an even more concrete timeline for the results they require. There are hundreds of variables that decide which pages will rank better than others. In addition, there are an equal amount of strategies that can be used to increase your sites visibility in search. SEM is not a cookie cutter solution, and NeoCloud’s SEM Team creates a customized solution for each of our clients.

Social Media Marketing – Like the Industrial Revolution that changed business processes forever, the New Media Revolution represents a fundamental shift in the manner in which people communicate with each other. In many ways, Social Media is leading the New Media charge, as it offers unique and impactful ways for businesses to connect with their clients and prospective clients.

Whereas the traditional marketing tactics of the past focused on blasting a one way message and hoping it would resonate with a portion of the target market, social media marketing focuses on engagement and the relevance of the information shared. It is no longer about what the business or the originator of the message finds relevant, it is about what your audience finds relevant. Think of engagement and relevancy within the realm of social media is akin to word of mouth marketing... on steroids.

NeoCloud Marketing works with businesses of all sizes to help them create and maintain a superior presence within the world of social media. We work with clients who don’t have the time, desire and or knowledge to effectively execute a social media strategy.

A strategic, consistent, integrated social media strategy will help your web site SEM (search engine marketing) results, drive client engagement, increase client loyalty, increase brand awareness in the broader marketplace and lead to additional revenue for your business.

Content Creation – In the world of social media and online marketing, one phrase stands supreme, “content is king.” Quality content with the correctly targeted keywords is the cornerstone of any successful online marketing strategy. It is the way in which Google, Bing, and other search engines view and rate your page when displaying results. We understand that every business is different. We have created a content creation process to adapt to all of our clients. Whether you are looking at a cost effective hands on approach that allows you to control your own message, or a full content creation package, NeoCloud has a process to accommodate any need.

Email Marketing – E-mail marketing is a strategic communication that provides an additional touch point between your organization and your target audience. Keeping in touch with your target audience on a regular basis via direct electronic mail will help your organization increase customer loyalty, boost two way communication and generate more business.

In order to be effective, your e-mail marketing messages should be professional communications, to an interested audience, containing information your audience finds valuable. There are a variety of e-mail marketing service providers in the market. However, at NeoCloud we feel Constant Contact stands above the rest.

NeoCloud Marketing is a Solution Provider for Constant Contact. In addition, we are the only Authorized Local Expert in the state of Wisconsin. We conduct educational presentations on behalf of Constant Contact in Milwaukee, Madison and a variety of other locations throughout Wisconsin. Let us help you access all the Constant Contact platform has to offer, while presenting your business to prospects and clients in the best possible way.


As you consider your marketing efforts, are you and your business busy or productive? As it relates to new media marketing specifically, many businesses spend a lot of time building web sites, setting up social media profiles and putting together e-mail marketing messages. The thought process is along the lines of accomplishing a task list. Set up a Facebook page, check. Send out an e-mail to a distribution list once per month, check. You get the idea. What we’ve found, is that many times business confuse general activity with productive action. In order to get the most out of new media marketing, you and your business need a customized, integrated and measurable strategic plan.

At NeoCloud Marketing, we combine technical expertise with sound business logic. Before developing and deploying a technical solution, we take the time to learn and partner with our clients. We find understanding the “why” behind a given course of action, and the ability to measure ongoing results or ROI, are the two most important elements to account for out of the gate. With a solid strategic plan in place, we fulfill the technical elements and propel our clients on the path to a superior web presence.

NeoCloud Portals

NeoCloud Portals – In addition to our core mission of web based marketing, we have aligned our firm as a strategic partner with Cilio Technologies, which enables NeoCloud to offer web-based applications that provide the ability for organizations to collaborate, share and communicate via a secured web portal.

Our custom web applications provide features and functionality that allow our clients to communicate and perform businesses processes in a secured virtual environment: Some of the base tools in our portals are:

  • Custom registration process for system users
  • Document, photo and video sharing
  • Searchable content databases
  • Send direct messages to other users
  • Conversation forums

Connect with NeoCloud Marketing

Useful Stuff

Speaking Engagements

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. Anthony Robbins

We reflect on that quote often as we prepare for the various types of public speaking, business training, and group learning sessions we conduct and facilitate. The cloud that is the internet is a daunting and confusing place for many people and businesses. To make matters worse, there is a host of incomplete, misleading and useless information readily available for consumer intake.

NeoCloud Marketing cuts through the confusion, by creating and delivering custom presentations based on the educational needs of a given audience. Whether we’re delivering a Constant Contact presentation on Social Media Marketing to members of a local chamber, or discussing the details of current SEM (search engine marketing) strategy with experienced programmers, the message is targeted and it resonates.

Finally, many of our clients are fond of referencing, “the NeoCloud experience.” Not only do we cover technical topics in depth during a presentation, we are able to do it in an engaging way. We pride ourselves on being able to make the time we dedicate to our clients fun and memorable.

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  1. Does my business need a mobile web site?
    In short, yes. YouTube is the second most prominent search engine behind Google, and the number of web users accessing the internet via mobile devices continues to explode. At NeoCloud, we believe the cornerstone to an effective online marketing strategy is a well designed hub. That hub is your web site. A couple years ago, limitations to development and design code necessitated that a business needed to build a web site and mobile version of their web site, two sets of code. Today, responsive theme sites are gaining popularity. The site is built once, is viewable as normal on a desktop, but then automatically responds, hence the name, to the environment on which the viewer is engaging with the site. At NeoCloud, we build all of our sites with responsive coding.
  2. Does my web site need a blog and if so, how often should I be blogging?
    The phrase, "content is king" is certainly true in the world of the web in 2018. A properly set up blog that is integrated into your web site is essential, as it offers a platform for you to regularly add new, targeted and relevant content to your web site. As it relates to frequency, we like to say "the more the merrier." That said, your content must be relevant, targeted and engaging. For many businesses, two well crafted blog posts per month is a good starting point.
  3. Is one social media site better than all of the others?
    No. Each social media site is unique in what it offers users. Every business has their own set of specific circumstances and needs as it relates to interacting within the world of social media. We do not recommend a one size fits all approach. Your business's social media presence needs to be strategic and targeted based on a review of your prospects, clients, competitors and industry leaders.
  4. What things should I look for when choosing a firm to partner with on SEM?
    Inquire as to the firm's process, reporting and demonstrated results. There are a lot of firms that claim to do a lot of things. Overstating SEM capabilities is pretty high on the list of offensives in the new media marketing industry. Process - your goal is not to become an SEM expert. That said, you should have a basic understanding of the types of SEM tactics and strategies the firm you are considering leverages. Reporting - it's amazing how many firms that tout SEM services do not offer regular reporting to their clients. Ask for examples of reports that the firm provides and inquire as to frequency. We recommend monthly updates. Results - this one should be self evident, but ask for examples or case studies of what the firm has accomplished for other clients related to SEM. Look for specific, data driven results.
  5. If you could give me some new media advice to be successful in 2018, what would it be?
    Be strategic in regard to what you are doing online and do those things very well. The cardinal sin in online marketing is to try and "do it all" and wind up not doing most or any of it well. Setting up ten social media sites and not posting for a month, starting a blog and not blogging for two months, and sending out an e-mail marketing campaign that is almost all self promotional are several of the plethora of examples we've seen in which businesses, by trying to do it all, trip themselves up. Doing less really well, is always better than doing more poorly.

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